VoxRox Malvern

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Monday choir is the largest group with 40-50 people, male and females, sopranos, altos, mezzos, tenors, baritones and bass voices. I will find where your voice comfortably sits within each group who will warmly welcome you into their domain!

We sing contemporary ie modern songs so anything from Abba to ZZ Top, show songs, gospel, rock tunes, pop songs, ballads. We are quite democratic and if a song is not ‘sitting well’, we forget it – life is for living and singing songs we love, not plodding through something you hate!

We always warm up first, sing, have a tea break (cake features very heavily), sing, cool down and leave.  You are very welcome to come to the Tuesday morning choir if you wish as many of these come along to Monday, they’re so keen to sing.

There’s a lovely social aspect to being in the choir – BBQs, workshops, nights out, birthdays, boys’ gatherings, gin tastings, knitting hats for the homeless … always something happening. All of our performances are for charity – and 100% of the proceeds after minimal expenses go to the nominated charity.