The warmest of welcomes!

VoxRox choir was born in October 2014, a very tiny handful of very nervous people in a village hall. Today, there are nearly 80 people happily singing across Malvern.

It’s an absolute delight and privilege to welcome singers each week and we’ve become something of a family – in fact, we have husband and wife teams, mums and daughters, mums and sons, in-laws and even grown-up kids join us when home from University. We celebrate our highs, commiserate with our lows without there being any clique-type behaviours. There is no hierarchy, no committees, no divas and I am exceptionally proud to say that 65% of the singers have now sung in small groups, duos or even had solos. This is due to their confidence blossoming whilst singing in a group!

VoxRox is completely inclusive and is very firm in its belief that Everyone Can Sing – you just need the right encouragement, the right teaching and the feeling that it’s safe to make mistakes and laugh them off.

We welcome newcomers with open arms and you will be taken under a wing or three – and I keep a close eye to make sure that you’re happy and doing ok.

Call me for a chat and see if you like the sound of us – hopefully you will and it’ll be the start (or renewal) of a wonderful, life-long hobby!

Shirley Goddard

Choir Director